Kristen Scholfield-Sweet
British Columbia

Shamanic Paintings

In my shamanic painting, I feel I am caught on a little hook that reaches out from the Mystery of Sacred art. My large acrylic paintings are ways for me to go back through this physical world into a shamanic landscape. I believe the shaman’s world is this world with the veils removed. I see this sacred landscape better with my eyes open, journeying into shamanic worlds within my painted ones.

My art with chalk pastel is inspired by dream creatures, rituals for spirits of place, and visionary images that come during shamanic journeys. I understand that this work is food for the Holy.

When I make art with watercolor pencil, I learn how to observe nature without editing out details. I draw from the wisdom that every part, and every part between the parts, is whole.

Shamanic paintings are journeys through the physical into the Sacred. The Shaman’s world is this reality with the veils removed.